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The Right Stuff

All too often I hear stories of people being disappointed with the photographer that they hired. Instead of pictures they can use they are left with poor quality images that they are unable to display. As a photographer these kinds of stories break my heart because, sometimes a photograph is all we have left in helping us remember those moments.

If I could teach anything as a photographer, it would be to educate people on the importance of researching a photographer and to print your images. Just because someone owns a nice camera doesn’t mean they can take a great photograph. It takes a lot of education and practice to learn all the things that are involved in taking a photograph. For example, learning lighting, posing of different body shapes and running a camera in manual is just the beginning of capturing a quality image.

It’s important to find out how much experience the photographer has with the event you’re hiring them to do. Not every photographer is experienced or able to photograph every event. For example, you wouldn’t hire a photographer who photographs only portraits to do your wedding images if they have never photographed a wedding, because it’s such a different skill set.

A few key signs to look for when hiring the right photographer is: do they have a website, is their work in focus, is the photograph well lit, can they pose different body types, what are they using for equipment and can they manage the event you are hiring them to photograph.

There are so many wonderful professional photographers out there. So please don’t get stuck on how much they may or may not cost because, a good photographer will point you in the right direction if they are not the right fit for you. I have worked with and for some amazing photographers who are more then happy to guide you in the right directions even when that means recommending someone else.

Lastly, remember photographs capture time, things you may never see again in the way it is in that exact moment. Hiring a photographer is just like purchasing a good quality piece of furniture, you may pay a little more than you expected or wanted but it can last a lifetime. An investment spent in capturing your special moments will leave you with a photograph of a memory that will last a lifetime.

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